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Frugal Living: Make Your Vacuum Last

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A vacuum repairman once told me that he was going to name his new boat "The Bagless" in honor of the vacuums that paid for it. Bagless models don't end up in his shop because they're unreliable, but because their owners are. The filters on bagless vacuums require regular cleaning. A dirty filter leads to an overworked motor. And that leads to repairs ($100 or more).


Cleaning the filter from a bagless vacuum cleaner
Use a shop vacuum to clean the filter from your bagless vacuum cleaner.

The usual way to clean a filter is to knock it against the inside of a trashcan. But that whips up a dust cloud and doesn't get the filter very clean. So I use a faster, better method: I fire up my shop vacuum and suck all the dust out of the filter and prefilter screen. It takes about two minutes and leaves the filter almost as clean as new-my filter is almost 10 years old and is as immaculate as the day I bought it. 


— Gary Wentz, Senior Editor


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      I keep my vacuum clean this way as well. When those filters get stuffed up I can't vacuum as well

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      I purchased a washable replacement filter for my bagless vacuum and I've been very happy with the performance.

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      I've always used an air compressor and blown out not only the filter, but also the hoses, nooks and crannies, etc.

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