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Tools That Make Yard Work Easy: The Big Backpack Blower

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I live smack dab in the middle of an oak forest. Believe me, I know all about leaves in the fall—I'm talking 2-ft.-deep drifts over a half acre of driveway and yard. At first I had one of those little gas-powered handheld blowers. It worked about as well as mowing the lawn with a pair of scissors. Then I bucked up for a Stihl commercial backpack blower, which packs a muzzle velocity of 225 mph! The bill was kinda painful ($250 five years back), but what a game changer. It still takes me a couple of hours a few times every fall to blow all those leaves into the woods. But that's not bad when you're talking about a million cubic yards of leaves.


Commercial-grade backpack leaf blower
A backpack leaf blower can do things a smaller blower can't: It will peel wet leaves off the ground, blast out debris that's stuck in cracks and move a mountain of leaves in one pass.

I use the backpack blower for all kinds of other jobs too. Blowing out cobwebs under soffits, cleaning out the yard shed and garage top to bottom, sweeping acorns and sticks from the driveway. (I rarely use a push broom anymore.) Heck, I even wander into the screen room and blow the window screens free of dust. I love my backpack blower—it's my favorite yard tool.


-— Travis Larson, Senior Editor


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      I love it too!  Every year I rent one and use it to clear my Mom's lawn of leaves.  Would love to buy one but can not afford it yet.

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      I bought the Echo brand backpack blower. I use it for everything as mentioned and then some. I also use it to clean the deck and outdoor carpet, docks and it's great for aiding in starting camp fires!

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      You have the same brand I have.  You can do a lot with it.  Blow leaves, dirt, gravel, dogs and people/kids around.

      I will use mine to blow water off our patio after cleanup or big storm.  Clean up the drive/patio any time.  Had a cat keep getting under hood of a pickup truck and not wanting to leave.  Have already "detailed" one cat doing this and don't really want to do another.  Got the blower out, started it up, popped the hood open and aired the cat out.  It got the message and has been staying off the engine now!

      Always wear your hearing protection, the blower is loud, and on your back.

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      Any suggestions for someone who doesn't have the luxury of blowing into the woods? I have to bag/barrel and take to the dump, it's ALOT of work. Hiring someone else to do it is not an option I can afford. Any suggestions to make this job easier would be appreciated.

    • by posted on

      You can also use your mower to mulch up the leaves.

    • by posted on

      I rake them onto a large tarp on the ground and then drag the tarp to my hillside.

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