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Best Father's Day Gift Ever

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Wagner paint sprayer FLEXiO 590
Adam's mother gets him to finish the painting job in Tom Sawyer-like fashion.

We had spent every weekend for two months getting ready for our oldest son Sean's high school graduation party. The only job left was to paint the entry hallway, which was extremely battered from many years of teenage boys' shoes, backpacks and sports equipment. Unfortunately, nine days before the party, my husband's company called him out of town for a whole week. Worst of all, he was going to have to work right through Father's Day weekend! He was upset about not spending Father's Day with his family, but I think he was even more disappointed that about 100 party guests would be parading through that ratty hallway.


I thought I would surprise him and paint the hallway walls myself.  A couple of weeks earlier, my husband had used a Wagner paint sprayer to refinish our deck. He mentioned more than once how easy it was to use and what a nice job it did, so I thought I'd give it a try. I enlisted the services of my youngest son, Adam, to help tape off the room but told him he didn't have to do any painting. He grumbled but consented.


I'd never run a paint sprayer before, but the directions for the FLEXiO 590 were simple and straightforward. The guy at the paint store told me I would have to thin the paint, but it turns out I didn't. I practiced a bit in the garage on a big piece of cardboard. It only took a few swipes back and forth before I had enough confidence to move indoors. My husband was right; the sprayer worked great. It was light and quiet and didn't fill the whole room up with a paint fog (which was my biggest fear). The most amazing thing was that Adam thought it was so cool that he wanted to give it a shot. I felt a little bit like Tom Sawyer, but how often do teenage boys volunteer to help out with anything? He really got into it and ended up finishing the job!


Cleaning the sprayer was a piece of cake. I think I spent less time than I would have cleaning a few brushes. I was even able to get it back in the case without a cord hanging out the side. I emailed my husband a photo of Adam spraying the walls. He said it was the best Father's Day gift he'd ever received, and I'm pretty sure he meant it.   


— Rosanne Petersen, wife of contributing editor Mark Petersen 


Sponsored by Wagner
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      I bought an older Wagner spray paint unit that was sooo noisy I was embarassed by using it.%0d%0aHow noisy is this version?%0d%0aCan the noise be controlled?

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      I have two earlier Wagner models like the new sprayer shown.  I tried spraying doors and cabinets with latex paint thinned and unthinned.  Both gave disappointing results.  A foam roller and a good brush gave better and faster results.  So I'm skeptical that this model is any better.  The only Wagner sprayer that I use is the power roller that pumps paint directly from the can thru a long clear hose to the roller.  A button on the handle of the roller controls the on/off and a speed setting at the pump base controls the speed of the paint flow.  A time saver for big jobs especially if painting  from a ladder.  I use this one often and have had it for many years.  I hope the new model performs better than earlier models.

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      nice one

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      A time saver for big jobs especially if painting  from a ladder.  I use this one often and have had it for many years.  I hope the new model performs better than earlier models.

      You can see more information about at by blog http://paintsprayercenter.com/

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      What a lovely story about Father's Day and also good review of Wagner Flexio 590. I think I should buy one for my upcoming project- painting my old dresser. Btw, I found this website contain some useful information about paint sprayer incase you want to know: http://gopaintsprayer.com/

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      Paint sprayers are an awesome handyman tools. I don't think there is a professional painter or decorator like us  www.handymanlocations.co.uk/.../fantastic-handyman who does not use one of these. A have a lot of handymen colleagues, who ever use their own, but that was before we refreshed our handyman toolset.

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