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Better Windows, Better Value

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I've been replacing windows this summer, and pondering change. I've cut out 2x4s in the old walls that aren't much different from what you'd find in any home center today. But the windows—wow! The old ones are leaky, rotting, with sashes that stick, weights that break off, and about the same energy efficiency as a gaping hole in your wall. Contrast those old ones with new windows, like the JELD-WEN windows I was checking out at The Home Depot. These windows features:


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• Low-E glass, which blocks the transmission of infrared energy, so heat stays in in winter and out in summer.

• Double-pane insulated glass for greatly improved energy efficiency, with seals that are much improved from even a decade ago.

• A welded vinyl frame that never needs painting and will never rot.

• And to top it off, the sash is removable to make cleaning a breeze.


The thing that blew me away was the great price. For example, a 36 x 24 slider window was less than 100 bucks. And that's with a limited lifetime warranty. Even the Special Order JELD-WEN windows, with grills between the panes of glass, two sashes that tilt in for cleaning, and lots of color choices, were very reasonably priced. With windows like these, a builder or DIYer can keep costs down and still have windows with great energy efficiency and long life.


One of the things I've learned about new windows is that correct installation is all-important. A lot of the problems people blame on their windows are the result of poor installation. In order to keep water and air out, the windows need to be flashed carefully, with the right materials, in exactly the right order. We have a great article to show you how to install windows properly, if you want to learn more. When they're installed correctly, modern windows like the ones I was looking at from JELD-WEN can deliver amazing value and convenience, while delivering a tight, energy-efficient and durable home. You can't beat that with a stick, as my grandmother used to say.


— Gene Bartholome, Field Editor

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      In areas where it gets very hot in summer and very cold in winter. It means we consume lot of energy and we spend a lot of money for heating as well as cooling. Considering that windows account for 20% of air leakage, we can imagine the impact of energy efficiency of your windows on the amount of money you spend on electricity and gas. That is why we must understand the energy efficiency rating of the windows when you go for replacement of windows in your home. I totally agree that we must upgrade our homes with the energy efficient technology.

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      Good one

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