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Pros Shop The Home Depot Too

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Electrical Supply at The Home Depot

I recently bought a hot tub for the backyard and needed to run electricity to it. I know a little bit about wiring but didn’t feel comfortable adding a new circuit to the panel. Luckily, my neighbor Randy just happened to be an electrician, and he owed me for helping to roof his house. He stopped by one Saturday morning to get a materials list, and then we made a trip to Home Depot.


I was surprised that we weren’t heading to an electrical supply store, but he told me that The Home Depot would have everything we need for about the same price. He also said that his other supplier was across town and they weren’t open weekends anyway. Randy is self-employed and mentioned that Home Depot is just more convenient. He often sends his customers to homedepot.com or to the store itself to pick out lights. That way he can pick them up when he stops in for the rest of his supplies.  


As we were shopping, I asked him what the most common mistakes homeowners make when tackling a project like this. He said most problems he sees have to do with improper materials:


• Buying the wrong breaker: A ground-fault breaker is required.
• Not using the proper conduit: Schedule 80 is required when conduit is subject to physical damage
like foot traffic, lawn mowers, trimmers, etc...
• Installing undersized wire: A 50-amp circuit requires 6-gauge to 8-gauge wires.
• Pulling improper wires: THHN stranded wires are easier to pull.
• Installing incorrect exterior boxes: Weatherproof boxes are required for exterior uses.
• Hooking up the wrong receptacles: Not weather resistant or not tamper proof (WR, TP).


My job required a breaker, wire, PVC conduit, conduit hangers, disconnect, a waterproof exterior box and a receptacle. Home Depot stocked everything we needed, and Randy knew right where to find it all. We were in and out in less than 20 minutes. The job only took a few hours to finish, and I passed the inspection the next day. Now I can finally soak my sore back, which is still hurting from helping Randy roof his house.



— Mark Petersen, Contributing Editor

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      Its always great when you can call in a few favors from experienced friends and neighbors, but when it comes to anything to do with electrical or plumbing work its always best to leave it up to the professionals.

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