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Greenworks G-MAX Twin Force Mower

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The latest cordless yard tools are a match for gas-powered tools. And this new mower from Greenworks is a great example. It's powered by a 40v lithium-ion battery, with a second battery that kicks in when the first runs out of juice. The power adjusts automatically so when there's less load, there's less power. But the unique feature is a pair of motors that spin two smaller blades. The small blades mean there's higher rpm for better mulching and more efficiency. The result of all these features? A really long run-time. Plenty enough for even a large lawn. And with the mower's 20-in. cutting width and light weight (50 lbs.), mowing is fast and easy. The Twin Force comes with a one-lever height adjustment, can be switched easily from mulching to bagging, and the handle folds down completely for compact storage. And like all electric mowers, it's MUCH quieter than a similar gas-powered mower.


Greenworks - Lawnmower 2
Bottom Showing Twin Blades


If you're not familiar with the Greenworks brand, it's a well-established manufacturer that builds tools for some big-name brands. You can buy Greenworks tools from online retailers, including Amazon, and from many Lowe's stores. The Twin Force mower sells for about $370, with two batteries and a charger. There are string trimmers, a chain saw and other yard tools that use the same 40v battery. Fourteen tools in all. Plus, there's a line of DigiPro tools that feature brushless motors for even greater efficiency and longer run-times.


I've been using the Twin Force mower for a couple weeks now, and I used its cousin, the single-motor model, all last summer. First off, I'm a convert to cordless yard tools. My yard isn't big, but it has a complex shape, and I love the maneuverability of these lightweight mowers. After a lifetime of listening to power tools, I'm also glad there's a little less noise when I mow the lawn. This spring, I didn't get out to mow until the grass was pretty long, and the Twin Force just plowed right through. No problem with power.

Greenworks - Lawnmower 3
Top Showing Two Battery Compartments.


So what's not to like about it? It's not self-propelled, for one thing, so if you have lots of hills, even its relatively light weight might be a burden. And you can get a basic gas-powered mower of the same capacity for $200. (However, one trip to the repair shop will set you back $100, plus the gas every summer.) So you're paying more for the benefits of cordless if all you buy is the mower. But if you also invest in a matching cordless trimmer ($170) or other tools that use the same battery (blower, pole saw, hedge trimmer, etc.), cordless is actually a better deal. I'm particularly fond of the DigiPro straight-shaft string trimmer with the brushless motor ($170), which has a bump feed and takes the standard attachments built for gas trimmers. The cordless yard tool revolution has arrived, and I'm sold!


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G-Max 40 V
Greenwork Twin Force Mower


— Ken Collier, Editor in Chief



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      I have a 40-year love affair (well, sometimes a hate affair) with chainsaws. One of my first jobs was

    • by posted on

      I have a 40-year love affair (well, sometimes a hate affair) with chainsaws. One of my first jobs was

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